MONUMENTAL Charl du Plessis Piano Recital at the Voortrekker Monument

Charl du Plessis Piano Recital at the Voortrekker Monument. The programme comprises solo piano works by Brahms, Piazzolla, Rachmaninoff and the monumental Chaconne by Bach/Busoni.

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Wessel van Wyk plays Chopin in his Drawing Room

Wessel van Wyk plays Chopin in his Drawing Room

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presented by Barbara-Ann Pianist. The popularity of the piano music composed by Luduvico Einaudi is undisputed. The ethereal sounds and musical images he conjures up with the piano appeals to those who are looking for something gentle, evocative and soothing. That is why the name of this concert, Soundscapes is so apt. \\\\

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Piano Man Charl du Plessis

A celebration of the 300th birthday of the piano, featuring the different styles of piano playing from Bach to Billy Joel, featuring Charl du Plessis and a Boy Band of Strings.

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Mozart Exsultate Jubilate

Ilze Coetzee (soprano) & Marnus Greyling (organ) St. George's Anglican ChurchZürich Rieger Pipe organ The magnificent Rieger

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Beethoven in the Drawing Room

beloved music by Beethoven featuring Violin, cello, piano and a baritone.

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BEETHOVEN – A COLOSSUS ASTRIDE TWO CENTURIES Episode 1 presented by Elizabeth Handley

Episode 1 presented by Elizabeth Handley. In this lecture we explore the life, exuberant personality.

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Love(Opera) in the time of Corona from Vienna

Leah Manning (Soprano) Sergio Tallo-Torres (Tenor) Robert Lillinger (Piano) Love (Opera) is a classical concert from Vienna, showcasing the prettiest soprano and tenor arias and duets from celebrated operas and operettas, if there ever was a performance that celebrates love and music in perfect harmony, this must be it. In July 2019 Leah and Sergio performed together in Verdi’s Opera Rigoletto at Brooklyn Theatre, Pretoria, and South-Africa. They regularly perform together in Vienna. The six performances was sold out. The music must not stop and a concert was recorded in Vienna that complies with strict and special government rules in Corona Times. This implied that the two singers had to sing duets two meters apart, which are one of the weirdest elements to incorporate in opera. The name of the concert was inspired by the very famous novel from Garcia Marques, Love in the time of Cholera. Make sure to do your part and support the artists in the first operatic concert performance on Brooklyn Theatre TV.

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Gypsy Virtuoso Orchestra

original gypsy programme consisting of masterworks of the famous composers

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