About Us

Welcome to ArtMusic.tv

This is an all encompassing platform taking care of all your Art Music needs. A modern full-featured web application that will allow users to effortlessly stream premium quality videos and / or music files on all major browser-enabled devices.

Tickets can be purchased for individual products or patrons can acquire monthly subscriptions from individual suppliers.

  1. You can buy tickets to watch any of the concerts / programmes on the site offered by selected venues or institutions, hosted on the site.
  2. Approved theatres or institutions can buy their own section on Artmusic. Such a theatre or institution becomes responsible for allowing an authorized user to securely manage videos and settings of the said theatre.
  3. Users can purchase streaming of all of the 34 CD’s on the Salon Music label, via a subscription of R50 per month.

This is a One-Stop Art Music site where you can access stylish entertainment. The broad term, Art Music implies everything from Solo instrumental Recitals, Chamber, Choral & Symphonic Music. Classical and Modern Ballet, Opera and Operetta, World Music and Jazz. Albeit that productions are featured by a broad spectrum of impresarios, artists or institutions on Artmusic.com can will monitor products to assure quality.