User Guide

This guide will explain the various aspects of the ArtMusic TV platform and all the available payment methods.

This is an all encompassing platform taking care of all your Art Music needs. A modern full-featured web application that will allow users to effortlessly stream premium quality videos and / or music files on all major browser-enabled devices.

Tickets can be purchased for individual products or patrons can acquire monthly subscriptions from individual suppliers.

Videos & Theatres

There is a variety of videos available on ArtMusic TV, everything from stage productions to home made performances. Videos are uploaded by their respective Theatres and all videos are available for purchase to all users.

You have the option to purchase a single video which will grant you three (3) days access to this video from the first time you watch the video after purchasing. You will be able to watch the video as many times as you want to during this period. Alternatively you can purchase a monthly subscription to any or all Theatres, which will grant you full access to all the videos that Theatre has uploaded to the platform. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want!

Videos are priced individually by the Theatre that uploads it, you can open any video and watch the preview, read the description and select a payment method (once off or monthly subscription). Subscription pricing is set by the Theatre and will be deducted from your account monthly on the day you signed up to the Theatre. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will then immediately lose access to the videos from that Theatre.

Account Management

You can sign up for your free ArtMusic TV account here. After creating your account on ArtMusic TV, you can access your account details and active subscriptions from your account manager. Additionally you can also view a complete list of all your payments under the payment history page. You can also download the list of payments for any of your financial needs.

Gift Cards

One of the new features of ArtMusic TV is Gift Cards. You can only send gift cards to active ArtMusic TV users! If you would like to send it to someone who does not have an active account we recommend sending that lucky person a special invite to join ArtMusic TV.

If the person you want to send the gift card to already has an account you can head over to the Gift page, enter the user's email address and select the video you wish to purchase for this user. We will ensure that the email is valid and that the user doesn't already have access to this video before completing the transaction. Once you've completed the transaction we will notify the user of your gift!


Donations are a way of showing your appreciation towards a Theatre for an outstanding video you really enjoyed watching! You can donate towards any video that you have access to by clicking the DONATE link found under the video while watching. You can also navigate to the donate page and select a video you would like to donate to. You can select any amount to donate above R100.