Preview: CPO Spring Symphonies Houben Legend of a Giant

Available From: 2022-12-22 17:00:00
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Starring: Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra; Liam Burden

Liam Burden (Alto Saxophone)
Rik Ghesquière (Conductor)
Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

Legend of a Giant is a composition for solo alto saxophone and Wind Band composed by the Belgian composer Kevin Houben. The composer dedicated this challenging saxophone concerto to the Spanish saxophone virtuoso Mariano Garcia. As in any classical concerto the saxophone soloist ‘competes’ with the orchestra: first alternately, in dialogue with eachother, afterwards fraternally together. Moreover the orchestra is regarded as an equal partner, therefore also for the musicians of the orchestra this cinematic score presents a tough challenge.

Legend of a giant immerses the listener in the world of the saxophone and challenges the soloist in the field of lyricism and timbre, but also on a technical level. In this way various aspects and modern playing styles such as bisbigliandos, double staccato, frullatos, glissandos, harmonics of overtones,… pass in review. In a word: a tough ‘challenge’ for any saxophone virtuoso!