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Starring: Miriam Rodriguez Brüllova from - guitar; Michal Cervienka - Bandoneon; Cappella Istropolitana  Roman Patkolo - Double Bass

Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla (March 11, 1921 – July 4, 1992) was an Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player, and arranger. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango into a new style termed nuevo tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music. A virtuoso bandoneonist, he regularly performed his own compositions with a variety of ensembles.

Miriam Rodriguez Brüllova - guitar,
Michal Cervienka -
Cappella Istropolitana -
Roman Patkolo, double bass -

Piazzolla Double concerto for Guitar, Bandoneon and String Orchestra
Astor Piazzolla: Night Club 1960
Date of the performance: 07. 11. 2014
Venue: State Opera, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Rolf Lovland: Chaconne. Double Bass and Guitar