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Starring: Annalien Ball; Eugene Joubert; Marnus Greyling; Tessa Rhoodie; Jannie le Roux; Megan Geoffrey Prins; Peter Cartwright; Paul Ferreira

Martha Argerich’s Piano Extravaganza at the Verbier Festival was Willem Vogel’s original inspiration for this production. Since 2012 Salon Music has been presenting an annual Piano Extravaganza at Brooklyn Theatre. The 2014 production was presented live, as part of the RSG Arts Festival. A CD of that production was made on the Salon Music label. 2000 copies of this disc has been sold.

Two more productions were presented at Brooklyn Theatre in 2016 and 2019. The 2022 Piano Celebration has been recorded in the M1A Studio at the SABC on four pianos - three Steinways and one Yamaha. The pipe organ in this studio is being added to the production for this programme with organist / pianist, Marnus Greyling. This programme has two parts streaming seperately.

Annalien Ball
Eugene Joubert
Marnus Greyling
Tessa Rhoodie
Jannie le Roux
Megan Geoffrey Prins
Peter Cartwright
Paul Ferreira

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