Preview: Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 0

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Starring: Megan Geoffrey Prins, Carel Henn

Even if Beethoven was not the child prodigy that Mozart was, he was indeed fa precocious youth and certainly a composer to be taken seriously. It is no secret that in order to capitalize on his son’s genius, Beethoven’s father passed him off as being two years younger that he really was. Thus it is not a stretch to assume that Beethoven composed this piano concerto at the age of fourteen in 1784.

Beethoven’s earliest work to use orchestra appears to have been this Piano Concerto. The full score, if it ever existed has dissapeared. A copy of the piano part of concerto was found, handwritten by a copyist but containing corrections in Beethoven’s own hand. Added to the solo piano score a two -line condensed score of the tutti parts of the orchestra is written in.

Occasional added cues indicate an orchestra consisting of flutes, horns and strings. After the discovery of the work, it was ignored for 75 years. In 1943 the Swiss musicologist published a workable realization of the orchestration.

However, a different realization of the orchestration (more authentic) was made by Jon Ceander Mitchell an American musicologist. For this version Prof Mitchell added two bassoons to the orchestration.

Pianists Howard Shelley, Ronald Brautigam and Philippos Tsalachouris have each made their own reconstructions of the concerto and it has been recorded thus.

Salon Music uses a chamber orchestra of 12 strings, 2 flutes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons for this recording.

The brilliant SA pianist, Megan Geoffrey Prins perfoms regularly for Salon Music and the GPO. Carel Henn makes his debut as conductor for Salon Music in this recording.

a Salon Music Production
Rupert Musiekstigting

Piano Concerto no. 0
in E flat major Wo04

Megan Geoffrey Prins (piano)
Carel Henn (conductor)

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