Preview: Schubert Bruch Chamber Music Concert

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Starring: Miroslav Chakaryan; Susan Mouton; Christelle Engelbrecht; Morne van Heerden

FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
Piano Trio in E-flat major, D. 929, op. 100
Miroslav Chakaryan (violin)
Susan Mouton (cello)
Christelle Engelbrecht (piano)

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) composed the E-flat major Piano Trio, op. 100, around a year before his death. Most of Schubert's compositions were not performed publicly during his lifetime, with the exception of songs and a few operas, however many were heard during private musical nights known as "Schubertiads." The E-flat major Trio was one of the few that received a public performance, at the only public concert of his works that Schubert instigated before his death. The trio is around 45 minutes long, which is longer than most of Beethoven's symphonies except for the Third and Ninth, demonstrating Schubert's expansive approach to the Classical form.

MAX BRUCH (1838-1920)
Pieces, Op. 83 for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Morné van Heerden (clarinet)
Susan Mouton (cello)
Christelle Engelbrecht (piano)

The Eight Pieces, Op. 83 were originally written for clarinet, viola, and piano and also scored for violin, viola, and piano as well as for clarinet, cello, and piano. Each different instrumentation offers its own characteristic flavour to these pieces. Wilhelm Altmann, the famous chamber music authority, wrote that Bruch's chamber works "are one and all distinguished by beauty of tone and musical architecture.” Further, concerning the Eight Pieces, he enthuses: “How nobly inspired are the melodies that he produced this late in life; how mature his development of them and how effective his handling of each individual instrument.”

This program is a selection of pieces 2, 6 and 7. No. 2 Allegro con moto (b minor) is fast with a dense, almost Mendelssohn-like piano accompaniment supporting the long clarinet and cello lines. No. 6 Nachtgesang Antante con moto (g minor) is a romantic and melancholy nocturne. No. 7 Allegro vivace (B major) is the only major piece in the set, and, like no. 2, has a Mendelssohn-like charm and vitality.

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