Preview: Mahler Symphony no. 4

Available From: 2021-10-08 17:00:00
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Starring: Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble

Symphony no. 4 - Gustav Mahler
Chamber version for 16 players
arr. Natalia Ensemble

Eddie Clayton (conductor)
Linelle Wimbles (soprano)
in collaboration with
Rupert Music Foundation
Radio sonder Grense

Salon Music is proud to present the unusual chamber reduction of one of Mahler’s great symphonies. The first arrangement of this work was made by Erwin Stein in 1921. Another version followed from the pen of Klaus Simon 2007. Salon Music however chose a 3rd version by the Natalia Ensemble.

Natalia Ensemble is a project created by a group of young musicians with a similar musical background who after meeting and playing together in the GMJO (Gustav Mahler Jugend-Orchester), felt the need to prolong the experience of making music together. Their idea is to approach (without a conductor) big symphonic repertoire arranged for a soloist’s ensemble by studying and performing the score, thus taking the full responsibility and control of the outcome. Orchestral works interpreted as chamber music pieces. 

Since 1994, it was a similar dream that was pursued by Salon Music in South Africa. Orchestral works, operas, operettas etc. were re-arranged by Willem Vogel to make this repertoire affordable to stage in concert.

In 2018 Das Lied von der Erde arranged for by Arnold Schoenberg for 14 instruments was presented by Salon Music in Brooklyn Theatre, with great success. Thanks to the generous support of the Rupert Music Foundation it seemed to be the obvious next step to now attempt Mahler’s 4th Symphony using the Natalia Ensemble arrangement.

Writing large scale works for huge orchestras was a trademark of the late romantic era. These immortal works, created by composers like Mahler, Richard Strauss, Bruckner and so on, have great appeal, but often orchestras are reluctant to perform them as a result of the sheer expense of extra players. In a reduced version, this stumbling block is eliminated, and enjoyment of the music is by no means reduced.

This concert has been recorded in the M1A studio at the SABC in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.