Preview: Convivial Clarinet From Klezmer to Classics

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Starring: Lizet Smith; Petrus Meyer

Convivial Clarinet
From Klezmer to Classics

Lizet Smith (clarinet)
Petrus Meyer (piano)

This multifaceted concert by one of SAs top clarinettists, Lizet Smith, is exactly what the title Convivial Clarinet implies - a rather festive affair.

The programme explores interesting aspects of music making on the clarinet, such as Flamenco, Opera, Klezmer as well as an authentic Classical Concerto.

The rich timbral and virtuoso technical possibilities of the instrument are displayed through the inventive musical creations by Bela Kovacs, composer and clarinettist, who obviously understood the clarinet extremely well.

Undertaking such a richly coloured musical tour of a programme, requires a rather special kind of musician, such as Lizet Smith, who throws off the most bravura passages with an unmatched flair. She flirts tastefully with classical lyricism, sexy tone and stylish interpretations of all these exciting works in this programme.

She is supported most suitably by a fine pianist, who facilitates a worthy drive along this scenic musical lane.


1. A la Flamenco - Bela Kovacs
2. Salute, Signore Rossini! - Bela Kovacs
3. Hungarian Folk Song and Variations a Zoltan Kodaly - B Kovacs
4. Sholem-alekhem, rov Feidman! - B Kovacs
5. Concerto in E flat maj. - Carl Maria von Weber
Romanza - Andante con moto